Area 86 Update [ v0.88 ]

New update available!
Version 0.88 did hit the servers.

  • Improved item picking/throwing
  • Added item throw power bar
  • Updated engine version [ should run more smother ]
  • Fixed broken tasks [ some did not trigger correctly with new robot logic change ]
  • Fixed broken reset progress button [ should reset properly now ]
  • Improved a bit performance [ shader loading etc. ]

Also, work on Level 3 is continuing. 
So far only 1/4 is in working condition. 
There is a possibility that you will encounter another robot at this level!
Added new items to play around - a glass box.
It contains goodies inside, but to get them you will need to break it - how about that!
Had some challenges with pipe logic [ side task ] but in the end, it did turn out good.

Grab the latest version and have fun!


Area 86 v0.88 [ Windows ] 33 MB
98 days ago
Area 86 v0.88 [ Mac ] 43 MB
98 days ago
Area 86 v0.88 [ Linux ] 62 MB
98 days ago

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