Area 86 Update [ v0.92 ]

A new update for Area 86!
This time included more improvements and even more polishing!

Let's start with the "throw bar".
It was a bit annoying to watch screen bottom to see how much force we are applying to our object throwing.
Not anymore - I removed that bottom bar and made a new power bar under our robot:

A lot of time went investigating physics bugs and glitches.
Sounds like an impossible task, but glitches got fixes and overall physics simulation is more stable!

While watched how people complete the 1st tutorial level noticed that it needs to be more dynamic.
That means that tutorial got a little overhaul and now it shows hints on what to do to all objects not only the hardcoded as before.
Should be more helpful for new players.

Another feature that was missing were settings in pause menu while at the game!
Boom - they are now there and you can manage your controls and sound settings.

Think that this will be it!

Did you know that there will be other devices/robots/humans who will interact with our robot???

Have a nice day and check out the latest version ;)


Area 86 v0.92 [ Windows ] 34 MB
Jul 22, 2018
Area 86 v0.92 [ Mac ] 41 MB
Jul 22, 2018
Area 86 v0.92 [ Linux ] 73 MB
Jul 22, 2018

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