A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to Area 86!

A secret place in space filled with robots.

Get access to one of the robots and master your way through different rooms.
Use laws of physics to push, throw or smash surrounding objects.
Find secret items, save other robots, defeat corrupt systems and take control over Area 86. Achieve your goals no matter what comes your way.
But remember - All actions have consequences.


  • Destructible environment
  • Robot parkour possibilities
  • Secret places and hidden objects
  • Smooth physics-based gameplay
  • Catchy puzzles/tasks

Install instructions

1) Download build for your OS
2) Extract downloaded file
3) Play!


Area 86 v0.93 [ Windows ] 34 MB
Area 86 v0.93 [ Mac ] 41 MB
Area 86 v0.93 [ Linux ] 73 MB

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