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Area 86

Physics-based escape room puzzle game! · By SimDevs


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Happy Halloween!
Hello! Uploaded a new build with improvements and little bug fixes + includes pumpkin mode!!! [ to enable pumpkin mode go to Options -> Other ] Have a scary da...
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Area 86 Pre-Release Demo
Last post before release! It's been a while when the last post was posted, but don't underestimate the silence! Have been working hard by smashing bugs, polishi...
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Area 86 Update [ v0.92 ]
A new update for Area 86! This time included more improvements and even more polishing! Let's start with the "throw bar". It was a bit annoying to watch screen...
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Area 86 Update [ v0.91 ]
Code86Area A freshly updated game version did hit the servers [ v0.91 ] It covers some minor bug fixes and latest features! One of the biggest and noticeable fe...
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Area 86 Update [ v0.90 ]
New updates hit the build! It's becoming even more stable and enjoyable to play! Whats new: Massively improved item picking up! You can finally pick/throw chair...
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Area 86 Update [ v0.89 ]
Little updates for better weekend: Added extra camera movement for specific level needs [ moves by Y and rotates by X ] Fixed jump glitch in office [ in some sp...
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Area 86 Update [ v0.88 ]
New update available! Version 0.88 did hit the servers. Changelog: Improved item picking/throwing Added item throw power bar Updated engine version [ should ru...
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Area 86 DevLog #13
Beep! Time to write devlogs at :) Got a bit lazy last weeks, dunno how - but the good part is: Returning back to Area 86 development! Continuing work on...
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