Area 86 Update [ v0.70 ]

A week passed with many bugs fixes!
Let’s see what did change from the previous version:

  • Fixed missing texts if system language was not English
  • Improved robot movement and fixed physics glitches
  • Improved and fixed bugs in item picking
  • Added little visual feedback when near an object that can be activated
  • Fixed received crash reports

In this update, you can much better handle picked up items
[ does not drop so quick from robot ]

Little antenna bump when your robot is close to an object that can be activated.
Possible latter will come update where user can change colour of the blinking antenna - as now it’s not that obvious
[ I feel robot customisation incoming ] 

Also, this week wanted to release the 2nd level, but it was so broken and easy to complete, that I trashed it for good.
Working right now on a fresh and hopefully more interesting replacement level :)

Sneak peak of my messy replacement level drawing :D
[ erased most of the text, but still hints can be found ]

Flipping desks when mad!

Thats it for this time!


Area86 0.70 32 MB
Dec 03, 2017
Area86 0.70 35 MB
Dec 03, 2017
Area86 0.70 39 MB
Dec 03, 2017

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